Network Services

Goliath IT's network integration capabilities help world-class organizations make successful investments in network technology solutions. 

From justification and business planning, detailed design, to ensuring a network is optimized to support a specific business process application, Goliath IT helps make networks work.  

 Our solutions include:

  • Campus / LAN – Connecting desktops across the campus or location, or throughout your major corporate offices. Their design and operation is increasingly critical to support data, telephony, unified communications, and networked applications.

  • Core networks / WAN – From global VPNs to carrier class core networks, the backbone is expected to be secure, available, resilient and service focused.

  • Wireless Mobility – Whether it’s guest access, a flexible working environment, secure wireless home access, or to help locate assets, wireless provides agility to enterprise networks. 

  • Application delivery and acceleration – Ensuring the availability of your business applications is critical. From the application server to the user, we help ensure performance and predictability for your business processes. 

  • Network optimization – Demands on the enterprise network are spiraling, as well as representing a significant investment. Optimizing the network’s effectiveness means maximizing the investment and longevity of the network. 

WE'LL SETUP YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION. Contact us for your connectivity needs no matter where you are.

Regardless of business size, location or type, you need connectivity, consistency and instant access to data. Get the speed and reliability you need for your business at any location. 

No matter the requirements: bandwidth, speed, security, web hosting, and more, we have a carrier that can fulfill your business needs.

Rely on us to determine the most cost-effective and efficient Internet access solutions based on your needs from broadband to IP transit, Dedicated Internet Access and fiber options.

From the world’s largest carriers with networks across the globe to more specialized carriers that service rural areas we assist by identifying what will work in your area and specific options based on business needs and requirements.