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Managed IT Services and Helpdesk

Goliath Technologies Managed IT Services delivers greater productivity, management and control for your IT infrastructure, and the agility to react quickly to changing business needs.

Our Managed IT Services portfolio includes: 

Hosted Desktops

Managed Telephony

Managed Network

Managed Server

Managed Security

Mobility solutions

Software solutions & Management

The results enable organizations to focus on what’s important, whilst enjoying a highly quality, cost effective managed infrastructure, which deliver reduced over-heads and capital expenditure. 

We deliver an entirely complete solution using the following capabilities:


Maintenance - Providing break-fix support, service desk and management and web portal reporting.

Seamless Virtual Environments - Reduce cost.  No need to invest in infrastructure.  We have everything you need.

Monitoring - Delivering pro-active infrastructure, service or application monitoring, real-time web portal reporting and escalation management.


Management - Fault resolution, web portal advanced reporting and service delivery reporting. 

Optimization - Longer term trend reporting, analysis, remedy, and capacity management.

Whether you require I.T. services in South Florida, the Caribbean, South America, or the entire East Coast, we have you covered!

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Seamless Installations and maintenance! 

Reduce cost.  No need to invest large amounts in infrastructure.  We are the masters of low cost yet high quality solutions.