Voice/Video Recording Solutions

Project management

Goliath IT can manage your solution from concept to performance. Our project management team will work with your own people and third parties to scope and implement your solution.


We have over 10 years of experience in voice recording and an expert staff who have worked in organizations such as Racal Recorders, Dictaphone, Verint, Witness, and NICE Systems. With such a great team of experienced and dedicated professionals, Goliath IT can advise on what is achievable with voice recording solutions and how best to deliver solutions that balance needs, timing, and budgets.

Integration and customization

Our dedicated team of US-based installers can customize integrations and functionality as part of any project. The recording solution's unique architecture means that enhancements and customized interfaces have no impact on the core product and can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively at any point during a project. Developments form part of the standard product and benefit from the same simple support and maintenance.

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Goliath IT’s engineers are the best at voice recording installation and maintenance.  

We are the most qualified to help you specify and implement your solution.