Network Security Services


Hackers are continuously looking for new vulnerabilities to exploit. When networks are not secured, information about organizations and individuals, and even our government, are at risk of being exposed or leveraged against us.


As a business owner, most of your important documentation and records are stored on a computer. Leaving your network unprotected means that at any time your system could be infiltrated by unwanted viruses, trojans or even worse – malicious hackers who could obtain and distribute personal information.


By having a good network security system in place, you will be saving money in the long run. Companies that are constantly putting out fires and spending unnecessary money to fix problems as they occur. Avoid expense and secure your network in advance.

Goliath It Network Security Solutions


Our Network Security Platform includes:

  • Automatic firewall update
  • Restrict employee access to networked resources.
  • Limit guest use of your WIFI.
  • Protection against ransomware.
  • Critical data backed up automatically.
  • Data stored offsite (cloud or other location).
  • Secured remote access and vpn solutions secured with encryption.
  • Advanced firewall (700 MB throughput) for “enterprise-class security” with no upfront or warranty renewals cost; blocks all Internet traffic from entering the business that is not requested by an employee or user of the guest network.
  • Intrusion prevention/detection system (IPS/IDS) to catch malware and block embedded threats; blocks threats included in websites users have intentionally visited.
  • Data encryption for secure transmission of data between sites and to the cloud.
  • All data storage is also encrypted to ensure security in the case of equipment theft.
  • Secure guest Wi-Fi to accommodate customers, clients, patients, and other visitors.  Provides the convenience of guest access while maintaining security of the business data.
  • Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) access so users can work from home, public places, customer sites in a secure manner.
  • Local automated backup for added protection against Ransomware and accidental deletion of data.
  • System “snapshots” to the cloud for added protection against floods, fires, theft, etc. 
  • Configurable user groups to manage user access to sensitive data, equipment such as printers, and to limit access to specific website categories.
  • Website blocking to limit employees and guests from accessing inappropriate content.