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Outsourcing your IT Support

For many small and medium business owners, outsourcing your IT support can be extremely cost-effective because of the expertise being purchased, the experience the techs who visit are able to offer, and the backup provided by the team that supports them. 

Further, as a small or medium business owner, you should easily be able to budget for the monthly expense, based on the system evaluation and recommendations of the company you employ as your IT support team.

The responsible IT support pro's at Goliath IT will always begin with an objective assessment of your information system, along with recommendations for the work to be performed that will meet your needs. We do not up sell or overkill.  We keep your bottom line in mind while making certain your requirements are met.

This can greatly reduce the cost of IT support for your small business, rather than hiring an in-house tech and paying an annual salary.

Managed Services IT Support:

With remote monitoring of your small to medium business information system now available 24/7, 365, this option has become one of the more cost-effective and appealing choices among small and medium business owners in today’s marketplace. 

For a flat rate monthly fee you can rest easy knowing Goliath IT's pro-active monitoring and maintenance of servers, desktops, and remote machines can make your operations run smoothly and without headaches. 

In addition to this, you can subscribe to a plan that is tailored to your needs and graduated, piecemeal fashion; perhaps beginning with managed antivirus protection, then gradually adding, desktop monitoring, mobile device monitoring, online data backup services, network monitoring, VoIP system maintenance, and more.

By using such a service, your small or medium business will find it very easy to stay within budget. Because of the flat rate subscription fee you will pay each month, there will be no budget-busting surprises. As each of the managed services you’re using begins to save you money, by reducing system downtime and increasing productivity, you’ll be able to add another layer of protection, without having to invest more funds.

The most important benefit of a managed services program is that we do all of the work on your your behalf 24/7, 365 days of the year, so you can focus on what you do best. 

IT Support Packages

For most of our small and medium business clients, a combination of outsourcing their IT support to us, along with one of our proactive managed services packages has been the ultimate solution to their technical support needs.

This type of cost-effective combination of support services has provided them expert IT support when needed on-site, as well as the 24 hour protection of their information system that they need for their peace of mind. 

We are here to help your business grow without the hassle, cost, and heavy burden of spending and investing time and resources on an IT environment.  Let us do the leg work for your IT infrastructure while you focus on the other parts of your business.  Let us save and get you more for your money.  Contact Goliath IT Today for a free consultation!

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With Goliath IT you get personal attention from techs who become familiar with your information system and the needs of your business, and with whom you will build a relationship of trust over time.  All this at the fraction of the cost of most firms out there!